The car

Here’s the new solar car: Eclipse 8!

Eclipse 8, the latest solar car prototype of the ÉTS was entirely designed and built by student dedicated to this great project. Students in the Eclipse club have made their own design, both electrical and mechanical, for the entire vehicle. After having finished the foundation of the project, they stated to build it!

Eclipse 8 has the profile of a drop of water to optimize aerodynamics. The vehicule frame is made of steel in order to withstand a pressure of 5G. The frame is covered with polycarbonate for lightweight vehicule. With 391 solar cells that supply about 1200W, Eclipse 8 can run as there is sun! However it is important to mention that solar car is, above all, an electric car. Therefore, the battery consists of 450 batteries with a nominal output of more than 5000W/h.

Element Eclipse VI Eclipse 7 Eclipse 8
Motor Modified Bionix (type) – Wheel-motor 24 poles 86% eff 15Kg Csiro (Type) – Wheel-motor permanent magnet of 40 poles 97% eff 10KG Modified Bionix (type) – Wheel-motor
Drive NGM EVC402 99% eff 108V 18.9 KVA RS232 communication Tritium 99% eff 160V 20KVA CANBUS communication Modified Bionix
Solar Cells 1700 Gallium cells of 23% of efficency producing 1200 Watts 403 Silicon cells of 21.5% of efficency producing 1200 Watts 391 Silicon cells of 22% of efficency producing 1200 Watts
Batterie Kokam LiPo4 31AH 113V 28 cells for a total of 25Kg A123 LiFePo4 20AH 148V 82 cells for a total of 39Kg  NCR18650B  Li-ion 30 serial 15 parallel 3.4 Ah total of 21kg
Front Surface 1.592 m2 1.16 m2 1.41m²
Aerodynamics cx of .35 (drag coefficient) cx of .125 (drag coefficient) cx of .11 (drag coefficient)
Weight (without batterie) 310Kg 240Kg 170kg
Structual facts Structure in aluminium with an epoxy and carbon frame Carbon – Innegra monoframe steel structure with polycarbonate